What is ToP®?

The Technology of Participation® enables groups thinking, planning and working together. The ToP® Group Facilitation Methods are simple practical tools. They provide a clear and highly effective structure.

The ToP® methods build on Inclusive Participation to insure that every voice is heard, every insight is given an opportunity, and no perspective dominates. Profound Respect allows for inclusive participation, by equally honouring every individual - trusting that both the individuals and the group are capable of doing the work they envision to achieve.

The Technology of Participation® includes the following methods:

Focused Conversation = creating shared awareness

Consensus Workshop = creating shared agreement

Action Planning = creating committed action

Participatory Strategic Planning =creating common vision and plan


Background of ToP® -Methodology

ToP® was developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and successfully applied and refined in more than 50 countries around the world. For more than 30 years ICA delivers facilitation skills to change and transformation processes in organizations and communities.  ICA is at home in 30 countries on six continents. ICA offers facilitation, consultation, trainings, research and development for companies, government institutions, universities, civil society organizations and its own projects. Worldwide ICA promotes development, democracy and participation. (www.ica-international.org)